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If you suspect an insect infestation on your property or have an insect sample for analysis, contact your local extension agent, the Schutter Diagnostic Lab at Montana State University, or the Montana Department of Agriculture.


Fact Sheets

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This photo shows a male hobo spider next to a ruler for scale.
MSU Extension Fact Sheet, Aug 2022
Hobo spiders enter homes in several areas of Montana in late August to early fall.
This shows an up-close image of a two-striped grasshopper.
MSU Extension Fact Sheet, Aug 2022

Grasshoppers were an issue across the state in the summer of 2022. Once grasshoppers are adults and have entered the yard and garden, management is extremely challenging.

This image shows a female Araneus saevus spider next to some pine vegetation on her web.

Araneus saevus

Aug 2022

This lovely orb-weaving spider is very abundant this year-Araneus saevus. They occur around forested areas in N. America, including Montana. In forests, they prefer areas with large trees. 

This photo shows an image of an emerald ash borer resting on a leaf.
MSU Extension Fact Sheet, May 2022

There were reports/rumors in the spring of 2022 that the emerald ash borer is present in several trees around the Helena area. To date, the emerald ash borer has not been detected in Montana, and there is no need to treat your trees for this pest.


Audio and Video

Learn more about insects and other arthropods that live in Montana, presented by MSU Extension IPM educators and specialists.

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You might know canola oil from the grocery store, alongside other vegetable cooking oils, but where does it come from and what other uses have been developed for rapeseed? This week, Executive Director Karen Sowers of the Pacific Northwest Canola Association joins the Montana AgLive panel.

Presented by Montana PBS on YouTube.


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