Lab photo of a black spider with a red hourglass shape in its underside

Western Widow (Latrodectus hesperus).  Photo by Laurie Kerzicnik.  Larger image (3.2MB)

The Extension IPM Urban Entomology program at Montana State University focuses on providing horticulture and structural insect information and identification for homeowners, businesses, and public institutions throughout Montana.

This page serves as a directory for urban entomology related publications and other educational resources.

For more information about this program, contact MSU Extension's Schutter Diagnostic Lab.

Current News with Insects and Spiders

The latest news, events, and publications made available by the Extension IPM Urban Entomology program.  To learn more about the insects found in Montana yards and gardens, check the fact sheet section of this website below.  Stay up-to-date on the latest Montana entomology news by subscribing to MSU Extension Urban IPM Alerts.

Explore Further

Browse urban entomology fact sheets, and explore related Extension IPM programs.


Directory of available urban entomology publications, multimedia, and educational tools.


Urban and Horticulture IPM

Integrated pest management focused on educating professionals in the fields of arboriculture, landscape, nursery, and lawn care.


Integrated Pest Management

Working to reduce health and environmental risks from pest management, improve management practices, and increase IPM adoption.

Landscape Insect Pests

Learn about insect pests that live in Montana landscapes and woody ornamentals by visiting this list of fact sheets.

Garden Pests

Learn about pests that visit your garden and vegetables by viewing this archive of fact sheets.

Household Pests

Learn about pests commonly found within the home by viewing this list of fact sheets.

Nuisance Invaders

Learn about some of the insects that become a nuisance by congregating in large numbers in and around the outside of our homes by visiting this list of fact sheets.

Spiders of Montana

Includes fact sheets, photos, and information about spiders that are common in Montana.


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