Landscape, nursery and other “Green industry” professionals and their clients are seeking solutions that minimize their impact on the environment.  Integrated Pest Management is not about the eradication of pesticides.  Instead, it is a systematic approach of looking at a landscape and making sure alternatives to pesticide applications are considered before pesticides are utilized.  The adoption of IPM practices will decrease pest outbreaks and reduce pesticide exposure where we live, work and play. Homeowners/consumers will be educated about the benefits of IPM and will demand IPM practices in the home landscape by certified IPM professionals.

Who can be a part of the Urban IPM Certification Program?

The MSU Urban IPM Certification Program was designed for landscape professionals, which includes nursery staff, landscapers, personal gardeners, lawn care professionals, arborists, extension agents, and pest professionals.  In addition, others with an interest in furthering their education on IPM practices are welcome.

What is the professional advantage of this program?

The benefits of becoming a MSU Urban IPM Certified Professional are substantial:

  • Certified professionals can be confident that the steps that have been implemented are scientifically based and meet the highest standards.
  • Certification proves that one is serious about one's profession.
  • Obtaining certification can open doors to consumers who are focused on sustainable practices.
  • Urban IPM certification allows the professional a marketing advantage.

Certified individuals will be listed on the MSU Urban IPM website. This will assist homeowners in finding individuals and businesses that have been trained in IPM principles.

What are the requirements for the program?

A participant in the certification program will need to receive 12 continuing education credits (CEU’s) over a three-year period to maintain certification.  Urban IPM CEU’s can be gained through many avenues.  Credits for new participants and former MSU Urban IPM Certified Professionals will be available for participation in workshops, conferences, and digital offerings.  Available through the MSU Urban IPM webpage, by signing up for MSU Urban Alerts and participating in online surveys and quizzes.  Workshop opportunities will coincide with state-wide conferences when possible.

Online Training

Selecting the Online Training button will open the Urban IPM DigitalChalk Portal.

DigitalChalk courses are delivered online and are designed to be used with electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets.  E-learning platforms provide a superlative learning experience that is significantly more flexible and cost-efficient than traditional classroom training.


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